Why Us?

Kaya Health Ltd. can support your regulatory, quality and operational challenges with short turn-around times and cost-competitive solutions for the rapid completion of your projects.

Market Expertise

If you’re trying to bring products to market in the nutraceutical, pharmaceutical, and food space, Kaya has the experience and expertise to guide you through any hurdles you might face.

Natural health
Dietary supplements

Why We're Different

Kaya Health has been providing services in the health products market since 2005. Here are a few reasons why we’re different than other consulting firms:


We offer short turn-around times and cost competitive solutions

We are a group of professionals with over two decades of experience in natural health products and pharmaceutical manufacturing industries. Our team has successfully helped many companies enter the market strategically and quickly with short turn-around times and cost-competitive solutions.


We offer comprehensive solutions for realization of your innovative ideas

We will take you through all phases of development for your innovative ideas. From the initial project briefing to project plan, design stage, production of a scalable prototype analysis and testing, and certification/registration.


We are passionate about what we do

Every project undertaken by our team is handled with great responsibility and enthusiasm which helps us to achieve measurable results for our clients. Also, we remain transparent and accountable throughout the process, which helps our clients to relay their suggestions, ideas and to make educated decisions with regards to regulatory and other compliance matters

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