Expert guidance to get your health products to market.

Faster. Easier. More economically.

We provide comprehensive consulting and project management services to support your regulatory, quality and operational needs for manufacturing and marketing of compliant health products.

Industries Served

For North American clients in nutraceutical, pharmaceutical, and food products industries, Kaya Health Ltd. can support your regulatory, quality and operational challenges. With short turn-around times and cost-competitive solutions for the rapid completion of your projects, Kaya has the experience and expertise to guide you through any hurdles you may be facing.

Natural health
Food products
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Our efficient and responsive team of professionals will be your partner, bringing our knowledge and experience to identify opportunities, mitigate risks and create solutions to assist you with achieving your goals.

Why Work with Kaya Health?

Comprehensive Consulting from a Team with Decades of Experience.

Kaya Health has been providing services in the health products market since 2020. We can support you with all your regulatory, quality, and operational challenges.

  • Overcome regulatory hurdles
  • Obtaining product license applications
  • Obtaining or renewing manufacturing site licenses
  • Expert guidance to increase operational efficiency, streamline business processes
  • Project management
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